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Headrick endorsed byRobert Reich, former Secretary of Labor
Robert Reich,
Former U.S. Secretary of Labor

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Video on what Reich has to say about
The 7 Biggest Economics Lies
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 If you are a Republican who believes that the Republican Party has deserted you to the far-right, read this Letter to the Editor submitted to the Daily Post-Athenian in Athens, Tennessee.  It will help you remember what past Republican Presidents have done.  Click here to see the letter.

It's Time for a Change!!!

It's time for the interests of the working class to come before those of special interests and large campaign donors.

It's time Congress worked to help create good jobs with fair pay and benefits for the middle class.

It's time for fair taxation instead of special interest loopholes.

It's time we get value for our tax dollars without crippling debt.

It's time we put people before politics.

Mary Headrick Announces Her Candidacy for U. S. Congress, Third Congressional District

Dr. Mary Headrick, a retired physician living in Maynardville TN, announced her candidacy for the United States Congress for Tennessee's 3rd District.  The Democratic primary is August 7th and the general election is November 4th. 

Headrick says, "All the people, especially the working families and retirees of District 3, deserve representation. They are not getting it.  Special wealthy and corporate interests hold the power and benefits while the Middle Class shrinks and democracy falters.  Too few people control too much money and power and they are grabbing more by “buying” a Congress that will pass laws and regulations to enhance their personal profit at the expense of the rest of us.

I will defend our economy, jobs, Social Security, Medicare, public education.  We deserve value for our hard work and tax dollar.  We the people of District 3 deserve representation we can trust, not uncompromising ideology.  We deserve results, like a rise in minimum wage and to stop wasting resources in Afghanistan.  We must be heard; we must restore democracy."

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***** VOTING MATTERS *****

Everyone knows that Congress is broken by uncompromising obstructionism.  (Gridlock)


It is absolutely necessary for YOU to VOTE to change Congress.  Our democracy is counting on YOU!

VOTE Tuesday, NOVEMBER 4TH, 9AM to 8PM

Tue. Nov. 4 - Election Day - Be sure you have voted for Mary Headrick, it's important!

Dr. Mary Headrick and Rep. Fleischmann Debate at Chattanooga WTCI-TV Oct. 27th

As you watch this debate video below notice which candidate appears to be the slick professional career politician and which one appears to be a genuine person who answers the questions in detail.  Which candidate puts politics before people and which one will put people before politics?  Which candidate do you think will truly represent your interests and which one will represent large donors and continue the gridlock in Congress?  Whatever you decide please be sure to vote.


Mary Headrick Interviewed by WTCI-TV
in Chattanooga
Chattanooga, TN - WTCI, Chattanooga's community PBS station, broadcasted an in-depth interview with Dr. Mary Headrick on July 18, 2014 at 8:30 PM.  In this special edition of Tennessee Insider, moderator Greg Glover helped the audience understand the views of the Democratic candidate in Tennessee’s Third Congressional District race.  See how a candidate who puts people before politics answers questions.  It's refreshing.
Mary Headrick interview on WTCI-TV Chattanooga
"As a community PBS station, we are proud to provide a diversity of voices on the issues that matter to our viewers," said Paul Grove, President and CEO of WTCI. Viewers are encouraged to send comments via email to

The program was broadcast on July 18th and is available online at

Tennessee Constitutional Amendments

On the November 4th election ballot will be four amendments to the Tennessee Constitution.  Below are links to download or view each amendment with recommendations by the Tennessee League of Women Voters on how to vote on these issues.  (Requires Adobe Reader.- Free Download if you don't have it.)

Amendment 1 - Click to view

Amendment 2 - Click to view

Amendment 3 - Click to view

Amendment 4 - Click to view

Elect Mary M. Headrick, MD,  - A Congresswoman who can't be bought!
"I will put People before Politics"

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